Upcoming Messages

Our Pastor, Fred O. Pitts, teaches from God's word, the Bible. His messages seek to share the truth of the passage studied in a way that is uplifting and  practical for the living of our lives today. His habit is to preach through books of the Bible or through longer passages to give a better understanding of the full message of God's word, allowing the form and structure of each message to be determined by the passage. Between lengthier series, he brings insights from God's word to topics of interest.

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Join us each Sunday morning as we worship God together and gain insights for life through His word. Below is the tentative preaching schedule for the weeks ahead. Unless otherwise noted, our Pastor, Fred O. Pitts, is scheduled to preach and teach.

 Date   Title of Message   Series   Notes 
 01/03   People of Faith  RESET: Back to Basics    
 01/10  A Peaceful Parting  RESET: Back to Basics  
 01/17  Lessons from History  RESET: Back to Basics  
 01/24  The Goodness of Our God  RESET: Back to Basics  
 01/31  Promises, Promises  RESET: Back to Basics  
 02/07  Covenant: God's Part and Ours  RESET: Back to Basics  
 02/14  Is Anything Too Hard for the Lord?  RESET: Back to Basics  

 * TBA — To Be Announced