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Livestreaming Worship at Ancient City Baptist Church


Click HERE to go to our church's channel on YouTube. The livestream will usually start by 10:55 a.m. (The worship itself will start promptly at 11 a.m., Lord willing! In the event of technical difficulties, give us a few extra minutes!) On our YouTube channel, you should see one of the videos in the list with the word "LIVE" in it! (Occasionally, we may prerecord a service; if that happens you will see the date and title, and it will "PREMIERE" at 11:00 a.m. that day) Click on it. That's all!

If you go to the page early and there is not yet a video marked "LIVE" (or "PREMIERE" if prerecorded), that usually simply means we have not yet started the live stream. Refresh the page after we have started the live stream, and you should see it.

On a smart television or if for some reason the above does not work as expected, go to youtube.com or the YouTube app on your smart television and search for Ancient City Baptist Church. Select our channel and watch.

Subscribing to our channel will make it easier for you to find in the future.


You have two choices. See the above link to our YouTube channel and look for the date of the service. The most recent ones should be at the top. Just click and play!

OR, from here on our website...

CLICK on "Sermons" link in our MENU above and click on the name of the sermon or the date desired. It will take you to the page for that sermon, and the YouTube should be under the audio of the sermon. Just click on the image. It will usually start at the beginning of the sermon, but you can easily "rewind" to the beginning to experience the entire worship time. Note that the replay is normally posted on Sunday afternoon but sometimes can take up to 24 hours to be available.