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Life Groups
(also known as Sunday School)

One of the most important ministries of Ancient City Baptist Church is our small group ministry that we call Life Groups. Many churches call this ministry Sunday School—and many of us will long refer to it from time to time by this moniker—but we use the term Life Groups to better describe what small groups are all about.

For many people from other faith traditions, Sunday School indicates a ministry only for children, while we offer a variety of Life Groups that span different age groupings and seasons of life. (Check with us about the current Life Groups we offer.) And while we do study the Bible, our Life Groups are more than just "school." The Life Group is where we best and most easily do life together. (That's why we call it a LIFE group.)

Yes, we believe that small groups are necessary for balanced and continued growth in discipleship. The small group is the most natural place for person to person loving and caring to take place within the larger church. The small group allows discussion of how to apply the Bible’s teaching to life and provides a safe environment for questions to be asked. The small group is generally an ideal size for ministry projects within the community. The small group offers a warm, friendly environment in which to invite others to experience Bible study and Christian fellowship. The small group is able to multiply easily when it begins to turn into a "large" group—a few members from the group can embark on the adventure of beginning a new small group! We encourage you to actively participate in a Life Group (or Sunday School class, if you prefer) here at Ancient City Baptist Church. You will find that you will be blessed—and you will be a blessing to others. Need to know of a small group to try? Click on "Contact Us" in the Main Menu to find out how to get in touch, and we will be glad to get back with you!

Our Life Groups meet Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m. Come to our Welcome Center (through the central door in the courtyard beyond the fountain), and someone will direct you (and your family) to the right Life Groups for you to try.